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Where we come from: Established in 2015 as a high end mobile detailing business, under the moniker Prestige Custom Detail. Our focus was on the finite details that even our most discerning customers would appreciate.

Our mobile business was providing a great service to our customers, but we needed our own space with the addition of multi-stage polishing, and paint correction services, coupled with ceramic coatings. Most people don’t realize how great their vehicles paint can look! Even from the factory there are blemishes, and imperfections that hold a vehicle back from looking it’s best. Our paint corrections allowed owners to see a true mirror like finish in their paint, and by adding a ceramic coating, we not only protected that look, but provided a long term, wet, glossy look.

In late 2018, driven by our customers seeking to do more to protect their vehicles, not just make them look better. We decided to lease what is our current location, a 3500sq ft facility, to expand the services that we provided, yet again, to include paint protection film, window tint, and scrape armor.

As of early 2019, what we were seeing is that we were one of multiple stops for our customers looking to further customize their vehicles. Seeing this occurring, we’re now taking our company to the next level – enter, Prestige Customs.

At Prestige Customs we’re trying to make the journey to customize, and protect your vehicle as easy as possible. We’re building partnerships with some of the Austin areas top shops that specialize the things our customers want – lift kits, wheels, tires, and even performance work. Bring your vehicle to us, we’ll take care of making it look great, and we’ll coordinate the work to customize the rest with our network of preferred partners without you having to do the legwork. We’re happy to tell you who we work with so you can do your own research, but have no doubt, we’re only working with the best in the business.

We invite you to come see our facility, meet our team, and have the opportunity to understand what our slogan really means – Quality. Precision. Prestige.




Providing a high quality paint protection film to extend the life of your paint.



This ceramic layer is extremely hydrophobic (it repels dirt and water like nothing else), and resistant to UV light, scratches, chemicals, and other things that might otherwise eat into your paint.



Our typical paint correction is a 3-stage process that starts with a higher grit material, and works down to a finer grit, in order to bring out the true mirror-like finish your paint should have.

The combination of consistently high standards for his work, and his price point, make Manny and Prestige Custom Detailing a no-brainer.
— Cameron Smith